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In the Shadow of Mies, from Toronto to Seoul


Exploring Tectonic Space: The Architecture of Jong Soung Kimm

? 2009: Fritz Neumeyer & In Ha Jung

South Korea’s most respected architect, Jong Soung Kimm, spent his formative years in Chicago, first as a student at the Illinois Institute of Technology and, after graduation, as an associate in the studio of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Our interest in Kimm’s work stems from his role as principal architect on the Toronto-Dominion Centre Banking Pavilion (commonly credited to Mies himself), the central lobby of the T-D Centre, and the Centre’s 54th floor Reception Hall. Unfortunately, this book, which had its genesis in an exhibition held in 2006 at the Architecture Forum Aedes in Berlin, focuses exclusively on projects created subsequent to Kimm’s return to Seoul in 1978. On the other hand, Kimm’s work over the past thirty years is stunning, from the Weightlifting Gymnasium for the 1988 Seoul Olympics and the Sonje Museum of Contemporary Art in Kyongju to the Hotel Hilton International and the recently completed Headquarters of SK Corporation, both in Seoul. We would rather these works had been contextualized by the inclusion of material from Kimm’s time with Mies, but for those of us enamoured of Kimm’s Toronto work, at least now we know how the story ends. (2009: Stichting Kunstboek; ISBN 9783803006875)

Exploring Tectonic Space: The Architecture of Jong Soung Kimm: $59.95

Jong Soung Kimm at Aedes, October 2006, courtesy Architecture Forum Aedes


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The Las Vegas We Learned From.


Las Vegas Studio: Images from the Archive of Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown

? 1968 / 2009: Robert Venture & Denise Scott Brown with Hilar Stadler & Martino Stierli, Editors

While Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture, Venturi’s 1966 manifesto challenging the austerity of Modernist orthodoxy, is undoubtedly his theoretical masterwork, it is Learning from Las Vegas: the Forgotten Symbolism of Architectural Form written in 1972 with Denise Scott Brown and Steven Izenour that is most often read by architecture students today. The book summarizes studies of the Las Vegas Strip undertaken by Venturi and Scott Brown with students at the Yale School of Architecture in 1968. What the book failed to reproduce was the extensive photographic and filmed documentation of the Vegas Strip taken by the group as part of the study process. It is these seminal images, drawn for the Venturi / Scott Brown archives, that Las Vegas Studio makes available for the first time. This is a truly lovely little publication and a remarkable photographic record of Las Vegas in a formative period. (2009: University of Chicago Press; ISBN 9783858817174)

Las Vegas Studio: $62.95

Venturi / Scott Brown Study Group’s Las Vegas Helicopter footage 1968


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