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Design as Civil Virtue: Fukasawa / Hara / Morrison

Designing Design

? 2007: Kenya Hara with Jasper Morrison, John Maeda & Naoto Fukasawa

Hara first came to international attention as the designer of opening ceremonies for the Nagano Winter Olympic Games in 1998, but it is in his role as design director for MUJI that he has put his indelible stamp on contemporary design culture. In addition to being a fascinating study of one man’s philosophical and ethical approach to design, this is one of the most lovely books ever to grace our shelves. (2007: Lars Müller Publishers; ISBN 9783037781050)

Naoto Fukasawa

? 2007: Naoto Fukasawa with Antony Gormley & Jasper Morrison

Naoto Fukasawa is undoubtedly the leading figure in product design in Japan. His associations with Muji, PLUS MINUS ZERO and Issey Miyaki have been particularly productive. Edited by Fukasawa himself, this is the first monograph published in English of the work of this innovative designer. (2007: Phaidon; ISBN 9780714845869)

Super Normal: Sensations of the Ordinary

? 2007: Naoto Fukasawa & Jasper Morrison

Fukasawa and Morrison select 204 everyday objects in an attempt create a new design canon which they define as “super normal design”: design that transcends time and national culture forming an eternal repository of beauty and utility. (2007: Lars Müller Publishers; ISBN 9783037781067)

Designing Design: $63.50
Naoto Fukasawa: $79.95
Super Normal: Sensations of the Ordinary: $39.95


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So Canadian … Bet They Piss Maple Syrup

Red Canoe Canadian Heritage Brands T-Shirts

With a fresh take on the souvenir t-shirt, Red Canoe offers high quality pre-washed T’s that celebrate iconic Canadian graphic symbols, from the CP Beaver to the signage along the Trans-Canada Highway. Each comes with a gift bag featuring a classic chocolate-box painting of a Nelson Eddy-esque Mountie.

RCAF Roundel (L, XL or XXL & Child’s 3 or 6)

As a Commonwealth country, Canada used standard British markings on all of its aircraft until just after the end of WWII, when in 1946, a uniquely Canadian roundel was developed incorporating a maple leaf.

Canadian Pacific Beaver (L, XL or XXL)

In 1886, one year after the “last spike” CP adopted the beaver as its corporate symbol, adding them to a lettered shield that had previously served a the company’s logo. In 1946 the beaver was simplified and the familiar modern script-style lettering introduced.

Trans-Canada Highway (L, XL or XXL)

The Trans-Canada Highway is the world’s third longest national highway, with the main route spanning 7,821 km. The system, approved by the Trans-Canada Highway Act of 1948, was officially opened in 1962 with its distinctive white-on-green maple leaf route markers.

Avro Aircraft (XL only)

Avro A.V. Roe Canada Ltd., established in 1945 in Malton Ontario, manufactured aircraft for the RCAF, but is most famous for the design and development of the CF-105 Arrow supersonic interceptor jet (finished in late 1957) and scrapped by the Canadian Government a year later.

Adult styles / sizes: $34.95
Children’s styles / sizes: $21.95


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New(ish) Annuals for 2009

It’s a new year and time to get back to work (and by work we mean flip through the annuals slagging the work that won the awards you should have won).

One Show 30: Advertising’s Best Print, Design, Radio and TV

For those of you who missed last year’s One Show, the most prestigious North American industry annual has been divided into three separate books: Advertising, Design and Interactive. Given its reputation as the copywriter’s annual, it’s been interesting for us here to note that the Design volume does, in fact, sell at least as well as the Advertising section. This year the Club introduced a boxed set for those who refuse to be pigeonholed. (2009: Rockport; ISBN 9780929837369 Advertsing; ISBN 9780929837383 Design; ISBN 9780929837376 Interactive; ISBN 9780929837390 Boxed Set)

One Show 30 Advertising: $76.95
One Show 30 Design: $54.95
One Show 30 Interactive: $54.95
One Show 30 3 Volume Boxed Set: $164.95

Typography 29: The Annual of the Type Directors Club

Perhaps not the best year for what is otherwise the best annual published in North America. Still something of a “gotta’ have it anyway” situation for type aficionados. (2008: Harper Collins; ISBN 9780061582776)

87th New York Art Directors Annual

Considered by many in the industry to be one of the toughest to earn awards, this book presents the latest winners in both the national and international categories (comes with a DVD). (2009: RotoVision; ISBN 9782888930228)

Typography 29: $65.95
87th New York Art Directors Annual: $82.50

Graphis Design Annual 2009

We don’t have to do much explaining of Graphis. It’s one of the most respected and well-printed of the annuals. Categories represented include advertising, photography, brochures, and editorial. (2008: Graphis; ISBN 9781932026139)

Graphis Advertising Annual 2009

A premier showcase of 300 print ads from around the world, arranged into trade categories. (2009: Graphis; ISBN 9781932026528)

Graphis Advertising 2009: $83.95
Graphis Design Annual 2009: $83.95

Also recently published:

New York Festivals 16: $69.95
Epica Book Twenty One: Europe’s Best Advertising: $69.95
Directions 2008: $61.95
Communication Arts 2008 Advertising Annual: $29.95
Communication Arts 2008 Design Annual: $29.95
3×3 Illustration Annual 5: $21.95
Society Of Illustrators: $48.95


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At Least Someone Keeps Their Blog Up-to-date (Unlike Us)

The Swipe entry on BlogTo was recently updated with a nice description and photos of the new store. It resulted from a lengthy discussion of the state of independent book retailing with unexpectedly insightful BlogTo writer Derek Flack. The result is not your usual commercial blog puff-piece, hinting, as it does, at the dire realities of the industry evinced by the loss of design community stalwarts Ballenford, Another Man’s Poison, and Mirvish. Swipe insiders might have followed a thread on Grant McCracken’s always engaging This Blog Sits at the Intersection of Anthropology and Economics Anyhow, enough doom and gloom, this blog supposed to be helping us sell stuff.