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The Swipe Seasonal Sidewalk Sale!


11 am to 6 pm: Thursday to Saturday, November 19th to 21st
Okay, so we don’t really have a sidewalk so, yes, technically, it’s more of a really long hallway sale, but 50% off on great design is still 50% off and you won’t get rained on, have leaves blowing around your head, or diesel exhaust to deal with just great design at great prices, at a building you love having an excuse to visit.

Bring a print of this page and, in addition to 50% off on selected merchandise, you’ll get 15% off all regularly priced gift items and 10% off all regularly priced books!

They Really Are the Best Juicers. But Juicers? At Swipe? What Was I Thinking?

For a limited time (hopefully) at Swipe, all Breville Juicers are 40% off:


Breville Juice Fountain Juicers

?1996: Keith Hensel

As small appliance manufacturers in other markets have given in to the demands of price-point retailing (GE and Braun come to mind), Australia’s Breville, founded in 1932, continues to be relevant in the WalMart era through a combination of superior design, specialization and market isolation. Touted as the world’s fastest domestic juicer, the Fountain was the first to accept whole fruit and vegetables with no chopping or peeling. For ten years this has been the top-rate centrifugal juicer – check any raw-foodist / obsessive-complusive juicer blog as proof. All parts are dishwasher safe.

Breville Juice Fountain Elite (2 speed, 1000 watts): $354.95, now: $212.95 SOLD OUT
Breville Ikon Juice Fountain (5 speed, 900 watts): $229.95, now: $137.95 SOLD OUT
Breville Juice Fountain Compact (1 speed, 700 watts): $124.95, now: $74.95


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