So Canadian … Bet They Piss Maple Syrup

Red Canoe Canadian Heritage Brands T-Shirts

With a fresh take on the souvenir t-shirt, Red Canoe offers high quality pre-washed T’s that celebrate iconic Canadian graphic symbols, from the CP Beaver to the signage along the Trans-Canada Highway. Each comes with a gift bag featuring a classic chocolate-box painting of a Nelson Eddy-esque Mountie.

RCAF Roundel (L, XL or XXL & Child’s 3 or 6)

As a Commonwealth country, Canada used standard British markings on all of its aircraft until just after the end of WWII, when in 1946, a uniquely Canadian roundel was developed incorporating a maple leaf.

Canadian Pacific Beaver (L, XL or XXL)

In 1886, one year after the “last spike” CP adopted the beaver as its corporate symbol, adding them to a lettered shield that had previously served a the company’s logo. In 1946 the beaver was simplified and the familiar modern script-style lettering introduced.

Trans-Canada Highway (L, XL or XXL)

The Trans-Canada Highway is the world’s third longest national highway, with the main route spanning 7,821 km. The system, approved by the Trans-Canada Highway Act of 1948, was officially opened in 1962 with its distinctive white-on-green maple leaf route markers.

Avro Aircraft (XL only)

Avro A.V. Roe Canada Ltd., established in 1945 in Malton Ontario, manufactured aircraft for the RCAF, but is most famous for the design and development of the CF-105 Arrow supersonic interceptor jet (finished in late 1957) and scrapped by the Canadian Government a year later.

Adult styles / sizes: $34.95
Children’s styles / sizes: $21.95


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