Doubt 'til Thou Canst Doubt No More. – Albert Guerard

Illustrated by Gary Taxali, this little book provides a compact vehicle for TAXI’s creative manifestos and is a source of both entertainment and inspiration. Doubt has long been an influential concept at the company’s core, and indeed shapes their philosophy: “Doubt the conventional. Create the exceptional.”

Although he lives in a world where he is shunned by pop song lyricists, house cats, big-box shoppers, classic rock radio programmers, grandmothers, and all left-brain thinkers, Doubt continues to throw dynamite at history and use his outlaw thinking to move us all forward. Some love him. Others hate him. But nobody ignores him.

The book presents 12 insights into how to use doubt as a catalyst for change. These insights are delivered by a cocky little character called Doubt.

Doubt’s teachings are supported by 38 contemporary Disciples of Doubt whose stories attest to the power of unconventional thinking to bring about positive change, and range from classic game changers like the Sony Walkman and Fuzzy Logic to less-heralded discoveries like Y-Chromosomal Adam and the Intensive Care Checklist. (2010: TAXI; ISBN 0986741809)

Each: $21.95


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