Global Design from Replogle

The largest globe manufacturer in the world, Replogle Globes of Chicago has recently shown an interest in applying design principles to an otherwise very conservative product category. These lines, while far from revolutionary, are both admirable for their understanding of contemporary aesthetics and their attention to detail.

Mikado 12″Globe & Spectrum 6″Globe

? 2004: Claus Jensen & Henrik Holbæk

Mikado, with its slate gray oceans, high-contrast metallic silver map, and unique angular brushed stainless steel base is a truly striking globe. Designed exclusively for Replogle Globes by Copenhagen based Tools Design, Mikado won a Advancing Design and Innovation Award in 2005. The 6″ Spectrum features the same slate-colored oceans and high-contrast metallic silver map as the award-winning Mikado, set on a circular stainless steel axis base.

Replogle Mikado 12″ Globe: $189.95
Replogle Spectrum 6″ Globe: $39.95

The Frank Lloyd Wright Collection

Licensed from the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation these globes adapt some of Wright’s most famous architectural details and furniture designs as bases for premium quality globes.

Frank Lloyd Wright Barrel 16″Globe

This globe stand is an adaptation of one of Frank Lloyd Wright most universally recognized furniture designs. It is a modified version of the famous Barrel Chair originally designed in 1903 and modified for Wright’s personal use at Taliesin in Spring Green, Wisconsin and for Herbert F. Johnson’s home, Wingspread, in Racine, Wisconsin in 1937.

Frank Lloyd Wright San Marcos 12″Globe

This 12” antique ocean globe features a stand adapted from a small hexagonal accent table designed by Wright for the Dining Pavilion of the San Marcos in the Desert Hotel in 1928.

Replogle Frank Lloyd Wright Barrel 16″ Globe: $849.95
Replogle Frank Lloyd Wright San Marcos 12″ Globe: $399.95


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