A Frolicking Good Time

Spring and Summer may now be fading memories, and the leaves of Fall all but off the trees and clogging up the gutters, but doesn’t the thought of impending snow simply make you want to frolic?

It’s certainly had that effect here at 401 Richmond, where plans are firmly in place for the first official Frolic – the building’s inaugural annual open house, and a celebration of the art, culture and community that make this place so inspiring to visit, and such an enviable spot to work.

From Thursday, December 8 to Sunday, December 11, there’ll be more artisans, artworks and amazingly creative gift ideas than you can poke a finely whittled stick at. The 401 Artisans Marketplace (now in its 19th year) runs across all four days, with late-shopping hours on Thursday and Friday, and Swipe in attendance with a collection of sale-priced goodies.


Of course, we’ll also have a delightfully tempting array of books and objects in store, including design books on everything from unventions to urbanism, the entire Lego Architecture series, new Aalto vase colours, quirky Takumi tea sets, recent additions to our children’s section from Kid-O, HaPe and Seedling, and instantly essential stocking stuffers. (Tried out the Tapi tap squeeze drink fountain yet?)

We’ll also be open every day from December 1 to 24 (except Sunday 18).

So come and frolic. Or just come and see us at Swipe.