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The Perennial Appeal of Annuals

Cheesy gardening-related puns aside, it’s that time again! We are now fully stocked with our favourite design annuals.

2011 One Show Annual: Advertising’s Best Print, Design, Radio and TV

One Show‘s newest annuals, covering their awards selections for 2011, showcase the best of current design talent worldwide. As usual, they have produced three colourful volumes: the regular One Show annual, which presents the winners of the 2011 One Show; and the Design and Interactive issues, featuring the winners of the One Show Design and One Show Interactive competitions, respectively. For self-styled renaissance people, these three books are also available in a convenient boxed set. (2012: Rockport; ISBN 9780929837499 Advertising; ISBN 9780929837505 Design; ISBN 9780929837512 Interactive; ISBN 978092837529 Boxed Set)

The One Show, Volume 33: $82.50
One Show Design, Volume 5: $54.95
One Show Interactive, Volume 14: $54.95
One Show Three-Volume Boxed Set: $169.95

Art Directors Annual 90

This volume covers the New York Art Directors Club 2011 ADC Hall of Fame Laureates, ADC Hybrid, and ADC Black Cube awards, with the addition of this year’s new ADC Designism Award, which recognizes design with an eye to social and political change. The publication includes high-quality images of award-winning work. (2011: Ava Publishing; ISBN 9782940411887)


46th Annual Society of Publication Design Annual

With its unique mandate to honour the best in editorial design work, the Society of Publication Design draws on a broad base of international talent. Their annual showcases the work of photographers, editorial directors and journalists, among others. (2012: Rockport; ISBN 9781592537501)


Typography 32

This eye-catching annual showcases the 208 winning designs from among 1,500-plus international submissions to TDC Communication Design 2011, the awards of the Type Directors Club, a body comprised of industry professionals from around the globe. This year’s volume, designed by New York’s Mucca Design, is notable for its striking cover and eclectic content. The annual covers a wide range of typographic inquiry, including magazine work, logotypes, corporate identity and much more.
(2012: Harper Collins; ISBN 9780061726378)


Communication Arts 2012 Interactive Annual (18)

Communication Arts 2012 Typography Annual (2)

Communication Arts renews its commitment to documenting innovative and inspiring work in a range of disciplines. Their newest Typography Annual features 150 winning projects in advertising, typeface design, identity, packaging, periodicals and more, exhibiting a general trend toward nostalgia and the handmade. The 2012 Interactive Annual features projects in information design, advertising, entertainment and self-promotion. (2012: Communication Arts; ISBN 07447092074803)

Each $29.95

D&AD 2011

This extensive volume covers outstanding work in the fields of branding, film production, digital media, photography, general design and creative work, and advertising. Winners receive the Yellow Pencil Award, and the more sought-after    Black Pencil Award. (2011: Taschen; ISBN 9783836528849)


Directions 2011

The Advertising and Design Club of Canada annual awards show is widely regarded as Canada’s finest showcase of exceptional work in graphic design, advertising broadcast and print, interactive media and editorial design. The printed annual features an elegant cover design and concise layout. (2011: ADCC)


Red Dot Design Yearbook 2011/2012: Living and Doing

This weighty (and surprisingly affordable!) two-volume set is a comprehensive yearly roundup of Red Dot‘s product design selections. Living presents products for the home and personal use, and Doing is dedicated to items such as cars, cameras, tools and various electronic devices. (2011: Red Dot Editions; ISBN 9783899391213)


German Design Award 2011

The German Design Council is known for its discerning awards criteria, including the stipulation that a company can only enter if it already holds a national or international design award. This two-volume boxed set is a collection of the crème de la crème of current product and communication design, with a focus on work that is both innovative and user-friendly. (2012: Gestalten; ISBN 9783899553499)


Graphis Gets Back on Schedule (Ironic That a Swiss Publication Should Get Off Schedule in the First Place)

Graphis was launched, rather optimistically, in Zurich in 1944 at the height of the Allied advance on Germany. In the following decades, the journal and founding editor Walter Herdeg were among the foremost proponents for rationalism and quality in the graphic arts. Herdeg continued to run the magazine until 1986 when it was sold and moved to New York under the editorship of B. Martin Pedersen.

Under Herdeg, Graphis never charged an entry fee for submissions, so that Graphis annuals regularly featured high-quality work by young talent. This has been particularly true in the case of Photographis, with arresting personal work being displayed alongside the best international commercial projects. There is an unfortunate perception that these publications stand somewhere behind the cutting edge, however, taking the current issues as an example, this seems unwarranted. That said, the Gold and Platinum winners categories do make the whole endeavour sound a bit like a travel rewards program.

For fans of Graphis publications in Canada, availability has been a much larger concern as the publisher has, for some years, struggled with an inconsistent release schedule and poor Canadian distribution. By the end of last year Graphis was behind by up to two years on several (formerly annual) series. We at Swipe were worried that the whole program might simply disappear. Happily, these problems seem finally to have been resolved with improved Canadian logistics and an almost overwhelming raft of new releases.



Graphis Annuals 2009
? 2009: B. Martin Pedersen, editor

All series: $83.95

Graphis Design Annual 2009

The flagship annual from Graphis, published continuously since 1952, this year’s volume features linked essays by Stefan Sagmeister, Korea’s Ahn Sang-Soo, and Harry Pearce of Pentagram London. (2008: Graphis; ISBN 9781932026139)

Graphis Advertising Annual 2009

One of the more recent additions to the program, since its introduction in 1993, Graphis Advertising has become an important single volume alternative to the regional and association-based annuals. (2009: Graphis; ISBN 9781932026528)

Graphis Photo Annual 2009

First produced in 1966, Graphis Photo is consistently the most beautiful and inspiring general photo annual in the world. (2009: Graphis; ISBN 1932026509)

Graphis New Talent Design Annual 2009

The only international student design annual, featuring creative work produced by students from professional programs in graphic design, advertising, and photography. This edition offers a special profile of the SADI School of Design in South Korea. (2009: Graphis; ISBN 1932026460)

Graphis Annual Report 2009

Featuring 106 international examples Graphis A.R. is the only fully editorial-based annual devoted to the annual report. Designed by Robert Louie of the Louey/Rubino Design Group in Santa Monica, this year’s annual was judged by Audra Brown, David Schimmel, Michael Stinson, Davor Bruketa, Robert Louey, Javier Leguizamo, and Richard Colbourne(2009: Graphis; ISBN 1932026517)

Graphis Poster Annual 2008 / 2009

Since 1976 Graphis Poster has been the only international showcase of contemporary poster design. This edition also offers critical essays by renowned curators Christian Larsen of The MoMA, René Grohnert of The German Poster Museum, Kari Savolainen of Finland’s Lahti Poster Museum, Rene Wanner of Poster Page, and Pepe Menéndez of Cuba’s Casa de las Américas, among others. This is one of the titles that seems to have moved from an annual to an occasional publication. (2008: Graphis; ISBN 9781932026122)

Graphis Branding 5

This edition of Graphis Branding is divided into two sections, one offering 10 comprehensive case studies of recent branding projects and the other a simple showcase of 50 new identity systems. The series was formerly titled Graphis Corporate Identity and we assume Graphis already regretting the change. (2009: Graphis; ISBN 1932026207)

Previously published and also available:

Graphis Brochures 6
(2007: Graphis; ISBN 9781932026481)

Graphis Letterhead 7
(2008: Graphis; ISBN 9781932026498)

Graphis Logo 7
(2008: Graphis; ISBN 9781932026030)


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